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licensure requirements iconLICENSURE REQUIREMENTS

Yukon Government Community Services

Licensing Process in Yukon

Yukon does not evaluate international pharmacy graduates for licensure at this time. To obtain a licence to practise in Yukon, you must first be licensed by another pharmacy regulatory authority (PRA).

1. Application for Registration

    • If you are licensed to practise pharmacy in another Canadian jurisdiction and wish to apply for a licence to practise in Yukon, you must submit the following:
      • An application for pharmacist registration available from the Department of Community Services, Government of Yukon, including passport-style photograph
      • A certificate of standing from the regulatory body in the Canadian jurisdiction where you are currently licensed
      • A certified copy of documents regarding residency status. These may include Canadian citizenship, permanent residency or a valid employment permit. For more information, see Coming to Canada.

2. Licence Registration

    • Submit registration fee ($200)
    • Submit annual practice fee ($100 per year)

After successful completion of all of these requirements, you will be granted a licence to practise pharmacy in Yukon.

Notes: All costs are presented in Canadian dollars. Fees are subject to change.