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The Pharmacy Technician’s Role

Pharmacy technicians recently became a regulated profession in some Canadian provinces. The other provinces and territories are also moving towards the regulation of pharmacy technicians.

Along with regulation, pharmacy technicians have been given an expanded scope of practice that allows them to more effectively assist pharmacists so that the pharmacist can take on more clinical, patient-focused services. The scope of practice of pharmacy technicians can be slightly different in different provinces.

The pharmacy technician may gather patient information for the pharmacist to review; order, receive and manage inventory; perform computer order entry; and prepare products including compounding, counting, measuring and labelling. Depending on the province or territory, the pharmacy technician may also perform expanded scope activities such as medical device demonstrations, transcribing verbal orders, transferring prescriptions, checking the technical aspects of a prescription and releasing the final product.

Regulated pharmacy technicians assume responsibility for their own actions, are accountable to the public and contribute to the overall functioning of the pharmacy to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

The pharmacy technician profession does not currently exist in Quebec.