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Scope of Practice (What Pharmacists Can Do)

Canadian pharmacists perform numerous important tasks. Not only do they dispense prescriptions, but they also recommend doses, regimens, formulations and alternative drugs, and renew prescriptions for ongoing care. The scope of practice differs depending on the province or territory. For instance, in some provinces, pharmacists are granted the authority to prescribe, adjust or substitute medications under certain guidelines and conditions.

As the population of Canada ages, people are living longer but also with more chronic conditions. The need for healthcare providers in Canada is expected to grow and the role of the pharmacist will continue to change and evolve. Medical research and science are also advancing very quickly and new drugs and treatments are developed every year. Pharmacists must be aware of the need for continuing education to learn new things and develop new skills and abilities. Continuing professional development (CPD) is an important element of a career in pharmacy.

This chart outlines the scopes of practice across the country. It includes information for pharmacists working for the Canadian Armed Forces.